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The Fairmount Family

Fairmount has been around for over 120 years. Our staff is compassionate, caring and very qualified.  We are proud of our staff and their over 600 years of experience and service to the community.

Mortuary Staff:

     Kevin Wood, Funeral Director               27 years

     Danielle Morgan, Funeral Director       2  years

     Dave Rodgers, Embalmer                        18 years

     Melynda Campbell, support staff             4 years

           and part time funeral director 

     Dean Thoma, Soloist and part time      14 years

           funeral director 

   Rebecca Sorenson, Funeral Director,        2 years


Cemetery Counselors:

     Diane Burridge, Senior Family Service Counselor                 18 years

     Roger Hartwig, Family Service Counselor                                21 years

     Jay Arcuri, Family Service Counselor                                         7 years

     Tim Wilson, Family Service Counselor                                      10 years

     Phil Cusimano, Family Service Counselor                                  4 years

     Seth Moser, Family Service Counselor                                         4 years

     Stuart Coles, Part time Pre Arrangement Counselor               Retired

     Walter Fullerton, Part time Pre Arrangement Counselor      Retired

     Charles Kim, Part time Pre Arrangement Counselor               2 years

     Diana Kandt, Part time Pre arrangement Counselor               3 years

     Dianne Farrell, Part time Pre Arrangement Counselor          3 years

     Romeo Diaz, Full time Pre Arrangement Counselor                 2 years

     Greg Potzer, Part time Pre arrangement Counselor                 2 years

     Kim Keiderling, Family Service Counselor                                  1 years

     Mario Alonso, Family Service Counselor

     Kendra Cotton, Family Service Counselor


Cemetery Office:

    Ronda Gruel-Hott, Cemetery Office manager   17 years

    Diana Kandt, Cemetery Office assistant               4 years


Accounting Department:

    Traci Burton, Accounts Receivable       11 years

    Margaret Zalewski, Payroll                       9 years

    Elizabeth Bielajew, Accounts Payable    2 years


Support Staff:

   Mary Ann Bills, Receptionist                    11 years

   Sandy Johnson, Executive Assistant       4 years

   Maria Medina, Housekeeping                    8 years


Interment & Grounds Crew:

   John Touris , Crew Head                           29 years

   Nicholas Parks, Interment Crew               2 years

   Alvaro Piedra, Interment Crew                 7 years

   Dave Swafford, Landscaping                    31 years

   Caesar Perez, Grounds Crew                       2 years



   Joe Walters, Manager   31 years

   Bill Addison, Staff          29 years

   Karna O'Neill, Staff          3 years

   Guy Ohl                               2 years


Flower Shop

   Elaine Hlusek, Manager  16 years

   Alicia Mendoza, Florist    4 years

   Michi Fuigi, Florist           4 years


Monument Department:

  Chris Bueno, Engraver             11 years

  Mike Swafford, Foundations    27 years



  Alonzo Martinez, Assistant       8 years


Reception Center:

   Mose Ransom, Team Member       2 years


Management Team :

  Kelly Briggs, President                                      36 years

  Andy Zavilla, Vice President Cemetery       33 years

  Duane Johnson, Mortuary Manager             33 years

  Nancy Estes, Controller                                      6 years

  Jim Cavoto, Vice President Family Care      31 years

Kendra Briggs, Vice President Customer Service 11 years

Fairmount Mortuary, Cemetery & Cremation Services • 430 South Quebec Street, DENVER, CO 80247
Phone: 303-399-0692 866-528-4169 Fax: 303-399-1631 • Email: jcavoto@fairmountcemetery.net