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A Traditional Family Photo c 1900 Gate Lodge c 1893 Rose Gazebo - Antique Roses Main Drive

430 South Quebec Street |
Denver, CO 80247

Old Roses of Fairmount

Alba Maxima
A snow white rose also thought to be the "White Rose of York" dating back to 1100 A.D.

Alba semi-plena
This may be the "White Rose of York" from the war of the roses in Englad. It is thought to have grown there since 1500, possibly 1100 A.D.

Alice Flores' Purple Hybrid China
Until now only seen in California cemeteries.

Austin Pink Damask
This is one of Fairmount Cemetry's most sweetly perfumed roses. There is alos a possibility this rose is "Duc de Cambridge"

Whether you are a student of the rose or simply love the heady perfume and voluptuous forms of old roses, do come to Fairmount Cemetery each and every June and indulge in their rich histories and inviting colors.

Common Pink Moss
The Mossy growth on these buds smell of pine when stroked; blooms are very fragrant, grown since pre-1700

Chameleon Rose
Thought to be a hybrid of Rose Mutia Flora, Rose Wichuraiana entwined with an unknown garden rose. The blooms change color as they open and close.

Climbing American Beauty
One of the confirmed varieties at Fairmount

Desiree Parmentier
Identification of this old Gallica (pre 1841) has been hotly debated over the years. Also found in old Denver neighborhoods. Note the green "pippen eye" in the center of the bloom.

Dr. Huey
This once-blooming semi-climber is what modern roses are so often grafted onto, and if found in the newer section of Fairmount. Grafted roses died off in winter, leaving this root stock from 1920 to grow back in their place. It is a complex hybrid of "Rose Wichuraiana".

Fairmount Blaze
Seems to be the early 20th century (1932 U.S. Rose) climber "Blaze".

Fairmount Flouncy Pink
Also found in the 18th century cemeteries in New Jersey. It has a remarkable spicy-sweet fragrance from newly opened blooms. Cuttings have been sent to English Rosarian Beales for further study.

Fairmount Prosperine
Once a “Mystery Rose” is discovered, rosarians scour the pages of fine modem books like The Old Rose Advisor, Classic Roses, or The Old Rose Adventure plus old rose books and catalogs. They try to impartially compare the many entries to their find. The Denver Botanic Gardens library’s excellent collection has helped confirm the truly singular nature of the Old Roses and “Mystery Roses” of Fairmount Cemetery. And thanks to Fairmount’s focused efforts these roses are now safe for the pleasure of future generations of rose lovers, and as their fame spreads for future study by rosarians worldwide.

Fairmount Reds
To date there have been a remarkable number of Old Roses and "Mystery Roses" discovered at Fairmount Cemetery, over 59 since 1999, including the "Fairmount Reds" which are now commercially available and growing in private gardens under the "study name" of "Fairmount Red". The "study names" given to them when found (i.e. "Fairmount Red" or "Fairmount Proserpine") still persist year after year and while most old cemeteries have a half dozen or so "Mystery Roses", which often are found to be common ones, Fairmount's abundance of "mysteries" continues to stump leading world rosarians with dozens of varieties that defy all efforts at identification. We can only speculate as to why so many found a safe haven in a zone 5 cemetery with harsh dry winters, but survive they do.

Fairmount Semi - Double Pink
This mystery rose resembles but is not the 19th century Damask "Celsiana". It has a very unusual perfume some people find unpleasant.

Harrison's Yellow
Discovered in a Manhattan garden in 1828, this is the “Yellow Rose of Texas” that pioneers brought out West as cuttings stuck into raw potatoes in their covered wagons. This rose is usually the first to bloom at Fairmount in the spring; late May/early June.

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303-399-0692 Fairmount Mortuary, Cemetery & Cremation Services
430 South Quebec Street
Denver, CO 80247
303-399-0692 Fairmount Mortuary, Cemetery & Cremation Services
430 South Quebec Street
Denver, CO 80247